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The Fall Blog 2017

By The Owner’s Mike and Judy



This is my first blog post and I want to thank you for checking it out! I will be communicating with all of you from time to time, through this blog site. Check this site for useful information, helpful tips, and other things I think may interest you, my valued customers.

This month (October) wil be the last month that we will have bay 5 used as a self-service bay. Beginning Oct. 30th, we will be busy assembling a brand new, state-of-the-art soft-touch machine. This machine is made right here in Colorado (Arvada) by a company known as Mark VII. It’s called a “Choice Wash XT” and is a hybrid machine, meaning that that the customer can choose whether they want a soft-touch, touch-free or a combination wash in this automatic bay.

The much loved completely touch free machine that we have had since day 1 will still be running and available in the same bay that it has always occupied.

The new hybrid machine is quite the engineering marvel. It combines the best of both types of car washing experiences into one machine.

This machine uses SofTecs® , which gently cleans and polishes vehicles when customers choose one of the soft-touch wash packages. The same contour-following touch-free cleaning system found on our other automatic (that you may be familiar with) uses the same technology as on our other touch-free automatic.

Equipped with turbo nozzles, rocker panel blasters,under carriage spray,and a wheel scrubber,this new machine allows you to choose a touch-less experience,a gentle soft-touch wash or a combination wash. The combination wash package combines the best of both features.

Come by soon and check us out! You’re going to like what you see!

See you soon, Mike the Owner