Just moved to the area from San Francisco; drove out. There were 1200 miles and last week's snow fall worth of dirty 2004 black Lexus IS 300 to clean…PureClean is a great concept, executed with excellence. I will return to Michael's business and happily support PureClean. KUDOS Mr. Campbell.

Josh X.

I have recently moved out to Colorado and I was really amazed at how nasty the truck gets during the winter months...and what I've experienced the spring months as well.(Who knew it would snow in April and May?) Anyway, this place is nice and very well maintained. I didn't go here because of the "green theme" but that is a perk as well I suppose. For me the location is nice, since I just live down the road from here. There is room to dry and detail your truck on the side near the islands. And something I have noticed in Colorado is that the self-serve bays take CCs. That is a nice feature…

Stephen M.

I got an "Extreme" touchless wash at this location to clean our Subaru after a multi-state drive. Overall, I was quite pleased with the results. The machines did a more than reasonable job of removing all the salt and dust from the road.

Stephen K.

Touchless carwash here is an excellent machine. Best I personally have used.

Paul L.

Cars get filthy in the winter; sometimes without even trying…I saw this place last night and decided to give it a shot today. Damn glad I did -- it is now my go-to place to get the car washed without exception.

Things to like:

1) The place takes credit/debit cards…
2) The pressure.from the spray wand: It's *STRONG*. Not gutless like I've seen at various other spray-n-washes over the years…
3) *THE PRICE*. In an area close to Flatirons Crossing mall, you possibly expect subconsciously to pay a premium for things. Not so this place…Bah. No longer will I have to suffer average washes...
4) Your options: are many in number. Presoak. Soapy spray . Tire cleaner. Clearcoat protectant. Got a car soaking in mag chloride? They have a special setting/substance to clean that. off. A final rinse setting, of course. And if it's so grimy that the powerful spray won't sluice through the dirt, I believe they have soap brushes you can use, too.

5) Environmentally friendly. The owner apparently believes in being very eco-friendly, and walks the walk too: photo-voltaic solar cells on the roof to capture the sun's energy and convert it to electricity, Ultra High Efficiency boilers to heat water snow melt systems, thereby decreasing demand for natural gas, while reducing our carbon footprint; a water reclaim system that cleans and recycles a key limited natural resource; and environmentally safe detergents.

They have 5 self-serve pays and 1 "touchless" automatic wash, as well as 2 vacuum islands and detailing capability on 2 stations. I've pretty much repeated everything from their small but informative website. You can also buy gift cards from $20 upwards …

It's a shame most self-serve car washes aren't run this well or this cleanly. All that being said, the smart money's on paying for what you use and dumping your visit on a credit or debit card -- *just be sure to press the stop sign on the touch screen when you're done*. Dollars cheaper than most drive throughs, and a better result too.

Thomas S.

I really enjoy this place. You have the option of washing the car yourself, of using the one automated bay. I mix it up depending on my mood and how dirty the car is. The automated bay is great for a regular weekly washing, but you need to get out and scrub after a weekend in the mountains.

Soctt F.

Nice car wash, always clean and I like the fact that they are not only self-service but that they also have a drive thru brushless wash.

Larry A.

This car wash is closest to my apartment and therefore one of my only choices to clean my car. However, I do not hesitate to spend my money here because it is very reliable. The automatic wash, as stated by other users, is touch free and very modern.


I'm rating this 5 stars because of the kind of wash it is. It is safe if you have high end rims on your car like me just be cautious entering the way and Peek out your window to check because there is metal bars on either side. The line can be a long wait but who cares, it's nice to get your whip all cleaned up after a long road trip.

Tyler S.

…I thought this was a great car wash -- lots of amenities, clean, and well-lit. Since I didn't have much cash, I used their credit card machine. Very convenient…

A google user

It's always a pleasant surprise to find a do-it-yourself carwash that is not stuck in the pre-credit card era. This place allows you to use your card at all of its stations! (And you don't even have to do the annoying multi-swipe to add time thing--just swipe once and when you're done it will tell you the total.)

Jacob L.

This is really handsdown the best car wash I've ever used… I'd give five stars if it weren't for occasional lack of space to dry the car after using the full service bay…

Vincent V.

Great touchless wash as well as self service wash.

Murali G.

The touch free is great. I've tried a lot, and this was is one of the best in the area. To be honest, I don't wash my car often, but when I do, I'll be hitting up this place.

A google user

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